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New Pal revealed for Palworld's first raid battle

Palworld's first new Pal since launch has been revealed for an upcoming raid battle system

After a couple of months of patches, fixes, and keeping the game running smoothly, we’ve finally got our first sneak peek at new major content coming to Palworld in the form of a brand new Pal.

Revealed in a short teaser trailer this morning, Bellanoir is a new Pal coming to the game as Palworld’s first-ever raid boss. This likely Dark-type Pal floats around with a ghostly form and a big ball of fiery energy underneath it and has piqued the interest of many players as a potential new favorite design.

It’s unclear just how this raid encounter will work, especially as there are already a couple of different types of boss encounters in Palworld. However, the trailer did show a player using a Pal soul crystal on an altar to summon this boss, meaning we may need to hunt for a specific item if we want to unlock the raid.

For now, it is just said to be “coming soon”, but we’ll keep you updated when details of its release date are revealed, letting you know how you can participate in this new event.