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Palworld gets a patch on Xbox and Microsoft Store, but it’s still behind Steam

When will Palworld's Game Pass players catch up to Steam? We just don't know
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There’s a brand new Palworld patch on Xbox consoles and PC via Microsoft Store, bringing the game up to, which is a great step forward for the game, making it far more stable and playable than ever before on those platforms.

If you’re looking for full Palworld v0.1.1.2 patch notes, then I’m going to disappoint you. The only details on this Xbox and Microsoft Store patch that we could find was on the Palworld Twitter account, stating the following:

“[Patch Notice] Xbox and Microsoft Store PC version v0.1.1.2 update has been released. Fixed some issues which negatively affected game stability. We will continue to place top priority on fixing major issues. Thank you for your continued support of Palworld.”

It’s good to know that Xbox and Microsoft Store hasn’t been forgotten by Pocketpair, but the game is still behind the Steam PC version, which is currently on v0.1.3.0. Read our full Palworld v0.1.3.0 patch notes for more details on that.

We don’t know how long it will take for Microsoft Store and Xbox versions of Palworld to catch up with Steam, but we know crossplay is in development, so hopefully players won’t be waiting for too long.