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Palworld Xbox patch notes: everything new in Palworld v0.1.3.0, Feb 1 patch

Full patch notes for Palworld's v0.1.3.0 patch, which makes things harder for cheaters and hackers
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Palworld is currently the world’s biggest game, and of course that means hackers and cheaters have been infiltrating game servers to cause havoc with players. Luckily, developer Pocketpair is tackling issues fairly rapidly, and today Palworld got updated to version

Pocketpair published the full patch notes to Palworld’s Steam blog, and we’re summarizing the full update patch notes in a handy list below. You’re welcome.

UPDATE: As of February 1, 2024, patch v0.1.3.0 is now available for Xbox Game Pass players on Xbox and Microsoft Store. The below patch notes still apply for those systems, even though Steam has moved on to Palworld patch v0.1.4.0.

Full Xbox Palworld v0.1.3.0 patch notes, February 1, 2024

Palworld Victory & Shadowbeak

Big fights call for big patches.

The patch notes are fairly short and specific, but the summary is that you should have fewer bugs, and cheaters shouldn’t be able to get away with messing things up so easily.

  • Fixed a bug where the loading screen did not end when logging into the world.
  • Fixed a bug where the world date was not displayed correctly and appeared to reset.
  • Corrected various incorrect text.
  • Countermeasures against various cheats and exploits.

Pocketpair recently released a Palworld roadmap, which gives us a good idea of where the game is heading in the future.