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Phageborn enters the Dawn of the Drakkorith with a monthly event

First seasonal event for the free-to-play card game
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Phageborn, which released into Early Access on Steam back in 2020, has a tasty morsel for all enjoyers of deck-building card games in store: Between August 10 and September 9, 2023, the strategic free-to-play card game celebrates its first seasonal event, the Dawn of the Drakkorith.

Revolving around the draconic Drakkorith, one of the available factions in the game, this event challenges players to clear quests and earn XP, unlocking rewards that’ll only be available during this chapter. These include skins, foilers, boxes, and even an exclusive avatar – one of the central components in a match of Phageborn.

Phageborn screenshot.

Phageborn's card battles happen on two lanes at once.

Strategically, Phageborn derives some uniqueness from having each match play out in two lanes and featuring four completely different factions with their own avatars and cards. Combining a set of crunchy, yet easy to pick up mechanics, with some great artwork, Phageborn is a strong candidate for anyone interested in card games. Players have also lauded the game’s business model, which is very fair in comparison with many of the alternatives.

Probably the game’s most critical problem is a lack of players at the moment – queue times for online matches are quite long.

Still, the Croatian developers, who’ve weathered both COVID-19 lockdowns and an earthquake hitting their country while working on their game, continue to improve and add features with the 2v2 mode being next on the agenda.