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Pikmin 1 and 2 have been “remastered” and dropped onto the Nintendo Switch eShop today, Nintendo announced today during its June Nintendo Direct.

Their addition means that all three Pikmin games are now playable on the Switch, with the fourth game set to be released next month on July 21. The first two games in the series, originally released on the GameCube and subsequently made available on Wii and Wii U, can be purchased separately or as a bundle.

Each Pikmin game will set you back $30 if purchased individually, or $50 if purchased together, a saving of $10, which isn’t too bad. It’s worth noting though that the games haven’t been extensively remastered like Pikmin 3 was in its Deluxe outing, just upgraded to run at 1080p with Switch-appropriate button prompts. As a result, they look a little… dated, but hey, at least Pikmin 2 still has its multiplayer mode.

If you’re more inclined to go for a physical release – and willing to wait a few months – the bundle will be available physically, with both games on a single cartridge, on September 22. It’s a long wait, but for Pikmin mega-fans it’s an easy wait. And who’s to say you can’t double dip in the meantime anyway?

Nintendo also showed some pretty extensive gameplay footage for Pikmin 4 during the Direct, including two major new features: Dandori Battles, and night expeditions. Dandori Battles will have you facing off against an opponent to see who can collect the most objects in a set time limit. It seems pretty neat, and it looks as if there’ll be a few of these throughout the story.

Night expeditions on the other hand are a new type of mission in Pikmin 4 that have you venturing out at night. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, the creatures in the world get frenzied at night, becoming significantly more dangerous. Thankfully, there’s a cute, new type of Pikmin to help out, Glow Pikmin, which only appear at night.

You can see it all in action in the trailer below.