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Ash Ketchum VA appeared in Pokémon games she never even knew existed

Veronica Taylor has never heard about some of the things her voice is in
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Veronica Taylor voiced protagonist Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon anime for many years, which essentially makes her a childhood heroine for many viewers who may have never actually heard her name. In an interview with GLHF, she reflected on her time as Ash and was quite surprised when we brought up the fact that her voice had been used for lesser known video games such as Pokémon Puzzle League.

“Was that me? I’ve never heard it,” Taylor said. She explained that her contract at the time was basically covering everything from the anime to video games, so she could not always tell what she was recording for during each particular session. “It was kind of a glob of stuff,” she said.

Pokémon anime Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

Veronica Taylor acted as Ash Ketchum's voice for many years.

It didn’t help that she was recording lines for Yu-Gi-Oh! – another game-related anime – at the time and had just had a baby: “I don't fully remember it that clearly. Just because it was a glob and I had a baby at home. So I was working and going home and it just kind of fades together.”

Taylor’s general interest in the game-side of Pokémon was never that high anyways. Most of the video games in her possession were gifts from fans and she never played much. “I love Pokémon but it's been a tiny part of my career. So I haven't fully embraced it,” she explained. “I don't only swim in that pool, as they say.”

As for not remembering Pokémon Puzzle League, that can surely be forgiven, even though it did apparently get great critic scores back in the early 2000s. It has a very solid Metacritic rating of 81 and you can play it on the Nintendo Switch via the Switch Online Expansion Pack.

You can read the full Veronica Taylor interview on Geeky Parade.