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Hilarious Pokémon Go bug covers the map in Galarian Weezing’s smoke

Pretty sure that’s against emission standards
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Last weekend’s Hoenn Tour event in Pokémon Go was a lot of fun for players and fortunately did not have similarly disastrous technical issues as the preceding event at Las Vegas. It was not a completely bug-free experience either, though, as one pretty hilarious example posted on Reddit shows.

A user named Maxmaxmaxski had a few problems adhering to local emission standards due to an out-of-control Galarian Weezing. This regional form of the Kanto Pokémon not only wears a top hat, but also blows smoke out of chimneys and has toxic smog all around it, which forms its “beard” as well.

Galarian Weezing, a Pokémon.

The green bits are poison gas that has yet to be purified by Galarian Weezing.

Maxmaxmaxski had set a Galarian Weezing as their buddy and walked around with it on the map to collect Candy and gain hearts. However, things became a bit strange as the “facial hair” of the Pokémon kept growing and growing, slowly covering more and more of the overworld map.

The trainer documented the progression of this growth, the rapidity of which is sure to make some people out there really jealous, in a series of screenshots, showcasing the extent of this hilarious bug. It started to cover more and more space above the player character, blotting out the sun from ever more buildings around it.

At some point things stopped being merely funny, though, as the giant green smoke cloud began to make it hard for Maxmaxmaxski to actually play the game: “Eventually I switched out my buddy cause it was really starting to mess with gameplay,” the user commented on the final image.

Indeed, it shows that the smog covered a good deal of space around the trainer, which must have made it impossible to properly view and tap the Pokémon spawning in the area.

Niantic better get this under control quickly, as per Pokémon lore the green gas is actually toxic, since Galarian Weezing has yet to purify it (that’s the air streaming from its chimneys).