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Pokémon Go Froakie Community Day will finally make Greninja useful

Greninja will be a speedy frog
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The upcoming August 2023 Pokémon Go Community Day is focused on Froakie, the Water-type starter introduced with Gen 6. It’s also the base form of the massively popular Greninja, which is one of the few Pokémon that managed to really captivate the continued attention of fans on an at least somewhat similar level to series mascot Pikachu.

It’s great news, then, that the event set for August 13, 2023, will finally unlock Greninja’s power and help it to relevance in Go Battle League, as analyzed by PvP expert JRE47.

Froakie Community Day makes not merely one, but two strong moves available to Greninja: First up is the traditional Community Day move for Water-type Pokémon, the Charged Attack Hydro Cannon. As is the case for most Pokémon gaining access to it, Hydro Cannon is the strongest possible move you can have on Greninja thanks to its high attack power.

Pokémon Go Froakie Community Day poster with Froakie sitting on a rock in a pool.

Froakie Community Day in August 2023 finally unlocks the power of Greninja.

To learn Hydro Cannon on Greninja, you’ll need to evolve a Frogadier to Greninja inside the time window of 2pm to 10pm local time – that’s the duration of the Community Day plus five hours.

The second new move for Greninja is the Fast Attack Water Shuriken, which will finally become available on Community Day and will remain so afterwards, so you can use Fast TMs to teach this attack to your Pokémon.

It’s because of the speed and energy generation of Water Shuriken that Greninja will become a power to be reckoned with in many of Pokémon Go’s PvP competitions, as this allows it to use Water Cannon faster than any other representative of the type – even the incredibly popular and powerful Swampert can’t keep up with the frog ninja.

Its Water and Dark typing makes for average resistances and weaknesses – it’s seven to five in favor of resistances – and combined with its natural lack of bulk is the major thing holding it back from becoming a dominating force. Greninja, to summarize things, is going to be a typical glass cannon.

That’s already a lot more relevant than it was before, though. While Greninja still won’t overcome the likes of Swampert in PvP, a specimen with Water Shuriken, Night Slash, and Water Cannon paired with the right stats could definitely become a menace in many limited edition cups.