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A new Pokemon, Poltchageist, has been revealed

A spooky new trailer showcases a Poltchageist, a new Pokémon that wants you to drink tea properly

After a little while of teasing a special tea ceremony, the Pokémon Company has officially unveiled a brand new Pokémon that will be available in the Scarlet & Violet DLC called Poltchageist.

The strange trailer features an audience gathering in traditional Japanese dress to hear a story of a broken and repaired teapot from an ancient tea master that one day became haunted. It now wanders the earth punishing those who don’t observe the proper traditions when drinking tea.


In the story, a woman who is looking at her phone while drinking is sprinkled with matcha, a type of tea commonly drunk and used for flavoring in Asia. The woman’s skin glows before her life force is sucked out of her. The trailer implies this induces sleep, but the Pokémon franchise is no stranger to dark implications, so it may be a sleep from which the victim never awakes.

We don’t know yet whether this branches evolution from Sinistea, or whether it is a new Pokémon altogether that simply resembles the Polteageist line. This generation has given us prime examples of both, with Wiglett being a separate line, while the recently revealed Dipplin is simply a branched evolution. What we do know is that it is a Grass/Ghost type, which is a somewhat underused combination.

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