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Snorlax, the most relatable of all Pokémon, is the star of an official ASMR livestream that The Pokémon Company has started on YouTube on July 14, 2023. What does Snorlax do on this stream? Well, what it does best, of course: sleeping.

We see Snorlax have a good rest in a lush forest clearing, snoring peacefully as other Pokémon come and go around it, sometimes lying down for a nap as well. From time to time Snorlax rolls around, yawns, or gets itself a snack, but it mainly is just in a blissful slumber. What a life.

People in chat can write wholesome “good night” messages that show up inside the stream and seem to feed Snorlax, filling up a meter that triggers special animations, so there’s an interactive aspect to the event as well.

You can watch the Snorlax ASMR livestream below:

This program is set to last for an entire week, so until July 21, 2023, and is supposed to promote the release of Pokémon Sleep, a new sleep monitoring app the company is launching, which will also be compatible with Pokémon Go. Pokémon Sleep doesn’t have an official release date outside of a general window that says “in late July,” so we may see the launch once Snorlax had its fill of sleep in a week.

Our only criticism so far? The serene background music is a little too dominating. We came for the Snorlax ASMR, after all. Time for a nap.