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Recently, a clip from the Twitch stream of Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing showing his internet browser went viral – and led to the streamer apologizing in tears alongside his wife.

Viewers spotted that Atrioc had been watching porn videos starring deepfake versions of other popular streamers such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Maya “Maya” Higa, Dexerto reports.

AI technology can project someone’s face and voice on top of existing videos, making it seem like they are really present in it, if it’s well executed. This deepfake technology has been decried for its potential in spreading misinformation and often uses a person’s face and voice without their consent, violating basic rights – porn videos are one field where deepfake tech is currently being employed in such an unethical manner, primarily targeting female celebrities.

Atrioc went on his stream to apologize for watching these videos shortly after the clip went viral, with his wife joining him.

He claimed he’d been researching AI technology recently and clicked on a targeted ad, which he saw on popular porn site Pornhub. “I don’t know, I got morbidly curious and I clicked something”, he said on his stream. “It’s gross and I’m sorry. I really fucking am. It’s so embarrassing.”

Another streamer ‘featured’ on the website Atrioc visited only found out that videos of this kind of her existed after watching the clip. Sweet Anita said on Twitter: “I literally choose to pass up millions by not going into sex work and some random cheeto encrusted porn addict solicits my body without my consent instead. Don’t know whether to cry, break stuff or laugh at this point.”

Atrioc said that he fell down a “rabbit hole” after “reading all this stuff about AI art, about deepfake music and everything.” He repeatedly exclaimed how embarrassing he felt about the situation.

Pokimane has not commented on the situation thus far, but due to her long-term success as a streamer it’s unfortunately unlikely that this is the first time she has been confronted with videos of this sort.