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Steam Spring Sale 2024: best strategy games to grab at a discount

Save the Easter Bunny some time by planning the logistics
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The Easter Bunny is one of the greatest conquerors in history. Coming out of nowhere and being absolutely nonsensical, even in the realm of children’s stories, the little guy took over the world – he’s truly a role model for every lover of strategy games out there. But it’s a busy time for him, so he’ll need a little logistical support for his upcoming campaign.

Thanks to the Steam Spring Sale 2024 (running until March 21, 2024), you can get many fantastic video games directly and at a discounted price without even bothering Mr. Bunny to transport them to you, thus lightening his workload. In turn, he may teach you a trick or two on how to conquer the globe. A win-win, right?

Find the best strategy games to grab at a discount during the Steam Spring Sale 2024.

Steam Spring Sale 2024: best strategy games

Steam Spring Sale 2024 poster showing the sale duration and a cartoon woman driving a motorcycle with a cat in the back.

Prepare your wallets, because it's Steam Sale time!

Many more great strategy and tactics games are available at a discounted price on Steam at the moment, so be sure to browse the sale if you haven’t anything that tickles your fancy in this list – or if you already have all of the above titles in your library, like every diligent commander should.