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PUBG update 25.1 patch notes: Dragunov introduced as new weapon

Miramar is getting a big rework
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PUBG: Battlegrounds 25.1 has hit the test servers and will be fully available to PC players on August 9, 2023, with console players getting their hands on the update on August 17, 2023. This patch for the battle royale shooter has a brand-new weapon for players in store: the Dragunov.

Being a DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle – using 7.62mm bullets that deal between 58 and 73 damage at an effective range of 500m, this bad boy is going to be available on all maps and in all modes aside from Bluebomb Rush. The Dragunov is a very precise weapon offering firepower that can be compared to many sniper rifles, giving its wielders one-shot kill potential. However, it has quite hefty recoil and a relatively low rate of fire, so you better be sure that your shots actually hit their target if you don’t want to get yourself into trouble.

PUBG Battlegrounds Dragunov.

A first look at the Dragunov, a powerful DMR.

The developer team stated that it “aspires to break away from updating with similar weapons, and instead, introduce weaponry embodying unique concepts to foster distinct gameplay experiences. We are hopeful that the Dragunov, with its new position in the weaponry arsenal, will offer an exciting, fresh dynamic for our players.” It sounds like more experimental weapons are in the pipeline for PUBG.

Those looking for a classy ride for their battle royale matches needn’t search any further: Aston Martin is providing three vehicle skins that players owning them can use to get special rides from the Aston Martin vehicle containers found in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Taego, and Deston.

Miramar is getting some updates in patch 25.1 with three new areas coming to the map: Partona is a circular village with a big market plaza, which is decked out for a festival, and replaces Los Higos. Another housing zone on the map has been replaced by Resort, a majestic summer retreat with palms and pools. Finally, Truck Stop replaces Junkyard as a landmark, though as the name suggests the area is still very much focused on vehicles.

PUBG Resort on Miramar, a cozy mention with pools in a dry area.

Welcome to Resort. Enjoy your stay and please limit your looting.

Sandstorms have been added to Miramar as well. This environmental danger gradually depletes the health of players, no matter if they’re in a vehicle or house, slows down movement, and lowers visibility. Smoke Grenades and Molotovs will be choked out by the storm. Electronic equipment won’t work in a sandstorm either, since the intense friction from the swirling particles generates static electricity.

You can read more about the rework of Miramar as well as other details from the patch notes on the official site.