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Arkane Austin’s Redfall is coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S on May 2, 2023, and will be a Day 1 Xbox Game Pass title as well, which means that we won’t have to wait that much longer before gearing up and hunting some vampires. But why are vampires ruling over a charming little island called Redfall in Massachusetts?

A bombastic new story trailer dives into the co-op first-person shooter’s background story and introduces us to some of the bloodsucking villains, whose careers we’re going to end once and for all – preferably by sticking a piece of wood through their black hearts.

Things started with people going missing and turning up as corpses, sucked dry of most of their blood. Cults started to spring up in the wake of these events, hoping to avert a similar fate by getting on the good side of whatever was causing these massacres. Then the sun was eclipsed, and with the laws of physics having been tampered with, escape suddenly became impossible.

The origins of those bloody vampires could be traced back to Aevum HQ, where scientists obsessed with the quest for immortality worked on something truly world-shattering – but was their transformation into godlike bloodsuckers always the plan rather than an accident? Is there any way to make things right again and break the vampire’s iron grip around Redfall?

Players will have to find the answers to those questions by delving into the disturbing history of that sinister company and its scientists. Perhaps a little chat with those so-called vampire gods will be enlightening?

We now have some names we can put to these disfigured faces: There is the Hollow Man, a bald creature with eight sharp-clawed arms, Bloody Tom with a burning halo behind his humpbacked shoulders and a shard-like dagger in his bloodsoaked claws, Miss Whisper and her tentacle-like appendices growing out of her back, and finally the Black Sun in her fiery dress.

It’s probably safe to say that we’ll encounter those four beings in some boss fights in Redfall, when we finally get to look for some answers. Sharpen your stakes, everyone