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Shinji Mikami, director of both Resident Evil and the original Resident Evil 4, has finally finished Capcom’s new Resident Evil 4 Remake, and he seems to like it.

In a tweet from earlier today, Mikami shared a tweet containing a picture of his television displaying Leon and Ashley on a jetski – an iconic scene from the end of the game. Mikami adds: “RE4 cleared successfully. I enjoyed it very much.”

Mikami has previously said to VG247 that he wants the story improved in a potential remake. This was followed shortly after by reports from Fanbyte that Mikami was originally due to return to help develop the newly released remake, though clearly this potential plan fell through at some point.

Mikami left Tango Gameworks recently, a studio he founded, shortly after releasing Hi-Fi Rush. It’s possible that the Microsoft buyout from a couple of years prior influenced this decision, but as of right now that’s just speculation.

The confirmation that Mikami enjoyed playing through the remake will likely put the team at Capcom at ease, as he clearly feels that the team has done a good job with what is often considering to be Mikami’s magnum opus.

Resident Evil was hugely influential on the survival horror genre it helped shape, and Resident Evil 4 once again influenced the entire industry, writing the book on third-person shooting. Both games were critically acclaimed, and now the new remake shares that acclaim, as we share in our full Resident Evil 4 Remake review.

We can only hope that Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil games are as good as the excellent Resident Evil 4 Remake.