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Konami and Bloober Team might be gearing up for the Silent Hill 2 remake, but Silent Hill 2 enhanced edition is still going strong. The latest Silent Hill 2 enhanced edition update adds a stable 60fps mode, along with support for additional languages and more, and it goes live on Feb. 24, 2023.

The enhanced edition previously featured support for 60fps, but it had a few bugs that caused some not-insignificant issues in other parts of the game. Those should be fixed in the latest update, and it also fixes problems with controller support, while adding full mouse support and laying the groundwork for more translation packs. 

Fans would have to translate the files themselves, but implementing the translation pack is, theoretically, easier with the new update.

The update will work on all versions of Silent Hill 2 enhanced edition.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of the project, Silent Hill 2 enhanced edition is a fan venture that’s been steadily improving several versions of the classic horror game over the past few years, including PC, HD collection, and emulated versions. It improves lighting and shadows; enhances certain effects, including fog effects; and even makes tweaks the depth of field effects in cutscenes.

There’s no release date in sight for Silent Hill 2 remake, but if you’re itching to play the classic version of the game again or for the first time, this is your best bet.