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If you’ve just started playing Sonic Frontiers, you should know that Sonic’s iconic ‘Soap shoes’ from Sonic Adventure 2 are available in Sonic Frontiers, and you can get them totally free.

There is currently a time limit to this – if you don’t sign up for your Soap shoes DLC by January 31, 2023, you might be unable to access them in the future. Since getting the DLC code is free and doesn’t require the main game, you can still get this DLC now, even if you plan to buy and play the game much later.

How to get Soap Shoes in Sonic Frontiers

If you want to get your Soap Shoes now, all you need to do is visit the Sonic Frontiers website and select the “Newsletter” option at the top of the page.

While signing up for the newsletter, ensure you use the email address you’d like to receive the code on, and select the platform that you own or will own Sonic Frontiers on.

You will receive an email to verify your account. After that, you will receive the DLC code in your inbox within a few days – during that time, you can change your preferred platform in your account preferences.

You can potentially get a DLC code for each email address you have access to, meaning you can get your friends access to Sonic’s iconic sneakers too.

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