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Soulslinger: Envoy of Death – release date for Early Access revealed

Wild West roguelike shooter is coming in December 2023
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Upcoming first-person shooter Soulslinger: Envoy of Death will be released on December 14, 2023, via Steam Early Access on PC. Combining a Wild West-theme with roguelike gameplay elements, Soulslinger has the player do Death’s dirty work and contend with an underworld organization called The Cartel.

A newly released trailer shows off some of the abilities the Soulslinger will be able to use in combat:

Players will be able to upgrade their character and craft powerful weapons in-between runs, building up their strength as they play. Developer Elder Games promises that the story of the game will react and adapt to players’ decisions on their runs, integrating the roguelike aspect with story-driven gameplay.

Soulslinger: Envoy of Death takes place in a grim, fantasy-infused Wild West with players encountering many mysterious NPCs along the way to progress the story and uncover the dark past of the world.

Players interested in trying the game out ahead of Early Access can play a free demo via Steam.