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Space for Sale is an adorable game about alien property development

Dyson Sphere Program meets Cities Skyline
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Space for Sale answers the age-old question everyone has asked themselves at least once in their lifetime: What do you do after picking up an entire solar system for cheap on space-ebay? Well, that’s pretty simple, really: You become a space property developer and sell all that real estate to your rich alien clients.

Franky, with how property prices are developing on Earth, I may just take you up on the offer as well.

Naturally, it’s not that easy to plot properties on alien worlds – you need to find the right spot for a client’s needs, get rid of any potentially hostile flora and fauna, and then there is the question of infrastructure: No one wants to buy an expensive house in the Wild West of space only to find out that you don’t have running water.

Space for Sale is very reminiscent of those logistics and production games like Dyson Sphere Program – you have your adorable astronaut character, who runs around collecting resources, fending off foes, building structures, and harvesting research samples to unlock new technology, building parts, or innovative ways of producing energy. You get missions from clients and then need to scout the right piece of land for their needs, build the structures they require, and get it all connected with the energy grid and running water. Planning is important, because some aliens don’t particularly like others as neighbors – as your planets gain inhabitants, things become more complex for you.

Worlds in Space for Sale are procedurally generated, so you never really run out of new things to discover and fresh places to build. Exploration is as big a part of the game as building and you’ll also be able to dive into backstories of the worlds you’ve acquired for cheap. By observing the local life forms and adapting to their ways, you can find new ways of building and will be able to use your planets’ unique features to your full advantage.

As mentioned before, there is some rudimentary fighting in the game as well, including some boss battles, so it’s not just a zen building and exploration game.

Sandbox game Space for Sale will be available on PC at an as-yet unknown date and will be playable in single-player as well as co-op mode with two players.