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Tonight’s Sony State of Play has given us a bunch of cool reveals and chief among them was the extended look at the gameplay for Spider-Man 2, currently set for Fall 2023 exclusively on PS5.

Here we got a look at some combat with a Peter Parker who is infected with the Venom symbiote, giving access to some brutal-looking abilities – although some of the attacks in the first game were pushing the bounds of non-lethal. Then we switch to Morales, who sneaks through a wrecked warehouse before chasing the Lizard across the city – not to mention Kraven and his hunters all on the case.

New spidey suits and abilities are said to be in the works as well, as collecting all of the unique looks was a great joy in the original. Not to mention that the upcoming Spider-Verse sequel is going to provide plenty of alternative takes on the web-slinger.

Take a look at the new gameplay here: