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Developer Insomniac has clarified that the upcoming Spider-Man 2 will be a single-player game without any co-op elements. While the game has always been marketed this way from its reveal up to now, a remark by one of the voice actors has led to some confusion among fans.

Speaking at a Q&A session about the title Nadji Jeter, the artist voicing Miles Morales, responded positively to a fan’s question about the game being co-op – Insomniac Games, on the other hand, wrote “Nope! It is an epic single-player adventure!” on Twitter when asked the same question, contradicting the VA.

It’s likely that Jeter either wasn’t aware of the mechanical details, as that’s not really his job, or that this was simply a misunderstanding: There will be cooperation between different characters in the game, but of course that isn’t really what “co-op” means in the video games context.

In any case, the misunderstanding is now cleared up. Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to release in Fall 2023 as a PS5 exclusive. Despite the number in the title, it’s actually the third game in the developer’s Spider-Man series, following Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales from 2018 and 2020.

It’s going to be an action-adventure game from a third-person perspective with players controlling Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they fight criminals and other villains in an open-world map of New York City.