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The Starfield Showcase came after the Xbox Games Showcase and it did not disappoint, giving us an almost hour-long look at the various features and systems the game has in store.

One of the biggest things that Bethesda RPGs so enthralling is the potential for roleplay and character customization as you play. Starfield is taking that further than ever before, with the customization going deeper than just what weapons and skills you choose to be proficient in.

The character creator gives you more sliders than you could ever want, but it gets more interesting with the Background system.

Starfield Background

This gives you some starting proficiencies and skills, but it gives your character some level of in-built backstory too. In the showcase, we saw some glimpses of the “Chef” background, which can unlock different paths and dialogue options when you’re in relevant situations – like speaking with a food critic.

It goes even further than that, though, as the Traits system has a direct impact on gameplay. You can select three of these to customize your experience both from a gameplay and roleplay perspective.

For example, the “Hero Worship” trait will give you an obsessive super-fan that will follow you around. Very annoying, but also a useful companion for as long as you can resist putting a bullet in his head. There’s also the “Kid Stuff” trait that will siphon off some of your income to support your parents, but that lets you go visit them and get some bonuses.

Starfield releases on Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6, 2023.