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Starfield, which is due to come out later this year and is the most highly anticipated Xbox Series X|S release of 2023, had a strong showing during the recent Not-E3 2023 season.

Todd Howard, the leader of the project over at Bethesda, has revealed new details about the game in a recent interview with XCast. He said that Starfield players will have four romance options in the game. All of them concern crew members of their ship and will consist of separate questlines in which players can win their crew mates’ hearts and discover their personalities. If you’re not especially enchanted by your traveling companions, you can also simply leave them behind on some outpost and fly off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

Howard also explained that of Starfield’s 1,000 worlds only 10% would feature some form of life, which will vary based on the planets’ biomes. On the one hand life being rare is kind of true to what we know of the universe and leaves plenty of worlds you can exploit for resources, on the other hand having “just” 100 planets with life on them sounds much less impressive.

Moving about on these planets will have to be done with jetpacks, because Starfield won’t feature planetary rover vehicles, Howard confirmed. He promised that the jetpacks would be quick and get players from A to B pronto, but no cool rovers in a space game is definitely a bummer. Your suit is going to need some upgrades to safely visit certain worlds, because extreme weather, temperatures, and radiation can make your stay decidedly uncomfortable.

Planetary exploration is going to be a big aspect of the game, as the sale of planetary data will be an important income source, the game director stated. Catching and selling fish? Not so much. If you were looking forward to some exoplanetary ice fishing, then you’ll be disappointed.

Howard also said that modding is part of the DNA of his team, so Starfield is definitely built with modability in mind – and that’s very good news, because it promises a lot of long term staying power for the game.