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Paradox reveals Starminer, a new game about exploiting space rocks

You’re basically a belter from The Expanse
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Did you ever want to role-play one of those badass belters from The Expanse, who fly out into the solar system to mine precious resources from asteroids? It looks like Starminer, a new title from Cool And Good Games published by Paradox Arc, might give you the tools you require to do that – well, for the whole mining space rocks thing at least.

Planned for an Early Access release in 2024 on PC, Starminer promises to use fully simulated physics for its space action, which features everything from small mining vehicles to gigantic behemoths weighing 150,000 tonnes, packed to the brim with weapons. Players will get to not only steer ships, but build up their own fleet to harvest and process materials as well as defend their operation from pirates and other dangers.

Starminer screenshot showing a space ship mining an asteroid with lasers.

Mining lets you obtain resources to design even more powerful ships.

Starminer’s official description states: 

“Feel your pulse quicken while piloting your 150,000t warship between asteroids in the vacuum of space in real time. All with fully simulated physics.

Balance material requirements with power, tonnage, and size while building your fleet to maximum efficiency, piece by piece, module by module. Will you create a large number of smaller, more nimble vessels or double down on a massive station packed with firepower?

Harvest and process valuable materials from asteroids for your profit margins, or use the bountiful resources for the maintenance and expansion of your own mercenary fleet while doing missions for the highest bidders in the sector.

Research for new modules and tools to keep expanding your fleet of ships and mining stations. Build link gates to gain access to new riches in new sectors of space.

The more you mine, the more you build and the greedier you get, the higher your heat signature becomes. Once it reaches critical levels, the aliens will detect you. Defend your fleet at all costs using defense systems and ships of your design.”

From these sentences as well as the official announcement trailer, Starminer definitely seems like a relative to the popular X series, which blends space combat with economy management.