Sword of Convallaria gets July 2024 release date and final closed beta

A gacha game scratching that Final Fantasy Tactics itch

You won’t have to wait any longer for Square Enix to finally come out with a Final Fantasy Tactics Remake thanks to the upcoming title Sword of Convallaria, which just got its global release date set to July 31, 2024, for PC, iOS, and Android.

Ahead of launch, a final closed beta test will be held to catch the last bugs and localization errors – and you can sign up for that on the official website. It’s going to be a short test, running on PC and Android from June 27 to July 4, 2024. Sign-ups close on June 24, 2024.

Sword of Convallaria is a turn-based tactical RPG very much inspired by FF Tactics and will be able to scratch that itch for you with ease. Of course, the only wrinkle is that the game contains gacha elements, meaning you’ll need to pull new characters for your roster from a random pool of units and may not get the party members you want without significant money investment.

Hitoshi Sakimoto, who produced the OSTs for FF Tactics, FF XII, and Tactics Ogre, worked on the music for Sword of Convallaria, helping the comparison to the titles that inspired the game from developer and publisher XD. Japanese VA stars like Yuki Aoi are on board to bring SoC’s characters to life.

Characters will be highly customizable with special skills and equipment and come with their own unique animations that look quite impressive in the game’s art style – called “NeoPixel” by the developer.

Aside from grid- and turn-based combat, Sword of Convallaria offers a choice-based narrative in which your decisions influence the outcome of the story.

“Journey through to Iria, a mineral-rich country whose magical resources have drawn unwanted attention from dangerous external factions. As tensions rise and riots break out, it’s up to you as a mercenary leader to navigate complex situations whilst finding ways to save the fate of Iria,” the official description on Steam explains the premise.

Sword of Convallaria is definitely not as high-profile a release as titles like Wuthering Waves and Zenless Zone Zero, but is another promising game from the gacha category that might fill a hole which most Western developers don’t want to attend to.

Marco Wutz


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