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Tekken 8 demo release date announced for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

Demo will allow players to test a variety of modes
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Players will be able to get their first taste of Tekken 8 on December 14, 2023, when a free demo version of the game will be available on PS5. Interested gamers on PC and Xbox Series X|S will be able to play the demo on their respective platforms starting on December 21, 2023.

The Tekken 8 demo will contain the first chapter of the fighting game’s story mode as well as a glimpse into Arcade Quest, offline versus, and the gallery. Whereas the past tests of the game focused heavily on the online components, this demo mainly showcases the single-player parts of the title.

Tekken 8 key art.

Tekken 8's fighters will soon be at your disposal.

Bandai Namco seems to be especially proud of the Arcade Quest mode, which brings Tekken back to its arcade roots.

“Originally, this kind of genre was born in the arcades. And they’ve kind of all but disappeared in the West, and even in Japan more recently,” explained game director Kohei Ikeda on the PS Blog. “But the great part about it was that you would just show up at the arcade, and your friends would be there, or you’d make new friends, and you all share this passion for the game, you were able to learn new things while you were there. It was a great experience. So people who experienced that culture before could be like, Oh, wow, I remember that. It was awesome. Or younger players who maybe had heard of it could get some kind of taste of that online.”

Tekken 8 demo release times

Check out when the Tekken 8 demo releases on December 14 and December 21, 2023, in your time zone:

  • 12am PT
  • 2am CT
  • 3am ET
  • 8am GMT
  • 9am CET
  • 1:30pm IST
  • 4pm CST
  • 5pm KST/JST
  • 7pm AEDT

Make sure to check out the Tekken 8 PC requirements in case you want to give the demo a go over the holidays or are already planning to upgrade your machine to be able to play it.

Tekken 8 is set to be released on January 26, 2024.