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A giant metal cube is haunting Tekken 8 players

This seems familiar
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The use of skins and mods in fighting games is a hot topic at the moment with certain publishers trying to crack down on their proliferation after some spicy incidents at competitive events. A new costume exploit in Tekken 8 making the rounds online could add more fervor to this crusade – as you read this, a specter is haunting Tekken 8 matchmaking: a giant metal cube.

As evidenced by a video sent to game director Katsuhiro Harada, there is at least one competitor out there who modified their game to portray their character as a giant metal cube, filling most of the screen and obstructing the opposing player’s view. This allows them to quickly and efficiently finish off the opponent, who has no idea what’s even happening.

No way around it: That’s a malicious, though certainly hilarious, use of mods and the offending player should most definitely be banned for this. What’s funny is that the player who sent the video to Harada is using a mod as well, though one that’s of the harmless variety as it merely “enhances” the size of Asuka’s chest area.

There is another humorous layer to this entire affair, though: It’s not the first a giant cube’s been terrifying the population of a fighting game. Over half a decade ago, a different representative of this species established a reign of terror over Soul Calibur 6 – a giant rainbow-colored cube, which was as difficult to defeat as its metallic heir. At least this new one won’t be able to give players a seizure when moving around.

History, as they say, is prone to repeating itself.

Harada hasn’t reacted to the video at the time of writing – known for his spicy social media takes, players are eagerly awaiting his perspective on the footage.