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TerraTech Worlds roadmap released alongside first demo

Successor to TerraTech
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A playable demo for TerraTech Worlds is debuting at Steam Next Fest in February 2024, Payload Studios announced. Set for an Early Access release in 2024, this sequel to survival crafting title TerraTech promises to surpass all limitations found in the previous game.

Designed in Unreal Engine 5 as a co-op PvE experience supporting up to six players, TerraTech Worlds features a 300km² planet with fully deformable terrain and water physics. Like in the first game of the series, players must explore their surroundings, gather resources, and build bases as well as vehicles to survive attacks by roaming bandits. Featuring a day-night-cycle, dynamic weather, and factory automation, TerraTech Worlds hopes to provide exciting gameplay for fans of several genres.

TerraTech Worlds screenshot.

TerraTech Worlds is taking all the lessons from the original into account right from the start.

“TerraTech has been a labor of love over more than a decade, and as Payload grew and learned through that time, we realized the game was trapped by decisions made in its earliest days,” said Russ Clarke, CEO and co-founder of Payload Studios in a press release. “We knew there was a more expansive, unfettered experience in there, waiting to be unleashed, and now we have the scale and the experience to do that justice, we are psyched to finally bring TerraTech Worlds into the light – starting with Steam Next Fest.”

Payload Studios seems to have a very rigorous plan for Early Access in mind already, as it has published the TerraTech Worlds roadmap for fans to see as well. Starting in Summer 2024 and ending in Spring 2025, the roadmap has plenty of exciting additions to look forward to.

TerraTech World roadmap.

Here's the TerraTech Worlds roadmap.

Among these content updates are additional biomes and planets, more vehicle types, features such as boss battles, aerial combat, and orbital travel, and new modes.

The original TerraTech has a “very positive” rating on Steam with over 17,000 users providing a review for the game.