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Yager Development’s extraction shooter The Cycle: Frontier will be shut down permanently on September 27, 2023, an announcement on the game’s Twitter account stated. The first-person shooter launched in June 2022 on PC after being in early access since August 2019.

Starting in a hub area, a space station, players choose specific missions and their gear for their trips down to the planet, where both environmental dangers as well as other players are present.

Purchases with real money have been disabled in the game now. Anyone who’s bought an item in the game with real money after June 14, 2023, is eligible for a refund.

Until the servers go offline, the premium battle pass will be available for free and the game will feature accelerated progression. In-game prices will be discounted by at least 95% as well.

The Cycle: Frontier received only middling review scores as reflected by a score of 59/100 on popular aggregator Metacritic. It briefly gained some popularity as a streamed game on Twitch when it was in early access, but ultimately couldn’t use this momentum.

The game, which was originally titled The Cycle, started development as a battle royale shooter before morphing into an extraction shooter, following the trends on the market.