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The Wandering Village is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in addition to PC, Stray Fawn Studio has announced. In addition, the game is accessible through Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass effective immediately.

These announcements come in conjunction with the release of the adorable city builder’s biggest update yet, which adds the new ocean biome, an area full of dangers but bountiful in resources and food. A series of additional buildings, events, decorations, and a new hostility modifier system come into the game as well – the latter allows players to turn up the difficulty further, providing a challenge for experienced users.

In The Wandering Village, players build a thriving settlement on top of the giant creature Onbu, which traverses a post-apocalyptic world. They can decide if they want to take advantage of this marvelous creature as a parasite or if they want to form a mutually beneficial relationship with it.

The game was released on PC via Steam Early Access in September 2022 and sold over 250,000 copies since then. Blending adorable hand-drawn 2D assets with 3D elements, it features a unique art style for the genre. It provides plenty of challenges for those seeking them out, but can also be played as a serene and relaxing title.

The Wandering Village is featured in the ongoing Steam Sim Fest 2023 as well, which will last until July 24, 2023, and sees the game offered at its biggest discount yet.