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Total War: Pharaoh – free High Tide content update is coming this January

The Sea Peoples run wild and free in this content update
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Creative Assembly announced that the free High Tide content update for Total War: Pharaoh will be released on January 25, 2024, for all owners of the game. It will add two playable factions of the Sea Peoples to the strategy game, allowing players to take command of the Sherden under their leader Iolaos and the Peleset under Walwetes.

You can get a taste of their civilization-destroying power in the trailer below:

The Sherden are going to be a classic horde faction that won’t be able to stay in one place for long. Instead, they’ll remain on the move and raze city after city in their quest for glory and loot.

They’ll have a brand-new mechanic called Spoils of War, which grants them extra resources upon razing a city. In addition, the Sherden can construct Nuraghe Camps to boost their armies’ capabilities and use a new resource called Eminence to establish their control over other tribes of Sea Peoples, absorbing them into their growing horde.

Total War: Pharaoh screenshot showing a man standing in the middle of a battlefield.

Iolaos is the young leader of the Sherden.

The Sherden’s troops include brand-new additions like the Nuraghe Warriors who can form the mighty Kelone formation as they advance to protect themselves from missile fire, Harpooneers hurling barbed javelins, and Sherden Archers equipped with sulfur-tipped arrows that set fire to the ground enemies are standing on.

The Peleset are a different type of Sea Peoples. Though they are nomads to begin with, they are actually looking for a new home to settle, enabling them to conquer and hold territory. They, too, can make use of the Spoils of War and Eminence mechanics to advance their plans, but have to tackle the unique challenge of balancing their warlike ways as a horde with the ambition of being the next great empire in the region.

Total War: Pharaoh screenshot showing a man giving his army the signal to attack.

Walwetes hopes to establish a new Peleset empire.

Their special units include Oxen Carts, which can transport shock troops around the enemy who can then dismount from the vehicles to deliver a charge to the flanks. The Peleset Marines are a heroic group of warriors that throw javelins before closing in for the melee, while Peleset Raiders are quick elite troops designed to deliver devastating pinpoint attacks.

It was revealed late last year that Total War: Pharaoh’s planned DLC would be transformed into free updates after the game showed disappointing sales numbers.