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Treasure Conflix, a Square RPG for the SNES Satellaview, finally has an English translation over two decades after Square first broadcasted it (thanks, Time Extension). Treasure Conflix is a mix of aerial dogfights and traditional RPG, starring a young treasure hunter with their sights set on riches.

They aren’t the only ones bent on getting rich fast. Dogfights against sky pirates and other rogues take place above blurry pixel maps in a style reminiscent of arcade games. Once the battle ends, you land in a base or other safe place, and the perspective changes. 

Suikoden-style pixel characters – not quite the flat heroes of older Square games, but not fully 3D either – conduct business in hangars, shady auction houses, and marketplaces where you can upgrade your ship and get back in the sky for more battles.

Translator and Java developer Krokodyl posted the translation patch online, and they’re no stranger to resurrecting old games for new audiences. Krokodyl also translated and patched several Dokapon games and another Satellaview title from Square, Love is a Balance, a slightly horny twist on Mario Party about love and relationships featuring characters from older Square games.

Satellaview games were aired via satellite signal for players to download on their Super Famicom – the Super Nintendo’s name in Japan – which makes preserving them doubly difficult. Not only did the Satellaview never release outside Japan, but the cartridge used to receive Satellaview downloads could only hold one game at a time.