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Tribes 3: Rivals release date set for March 2024

Early Access period for the team-based shooter is coming up
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Fans of the Tribes franchise can mark March 12, 2024, on their calendars, because Tribes 3: Rivals will be released via Early Access that day. First revealed late last year after images of playtests emerged, it’s not just a spiritual successor to the fast-paced first-person shooter IP.

Tribes 3: Rivals features the same mechanics that made its predecessors so popular back in the day with movement being heavily based around the use of jetpacks and skis. Players build up momentum, skiing and jumping over hills, gliding through the air, and reaching high speeds that make being hit more challenging.

Like previous franchise entries, Tribes 3: Rivals will focus on team-based game modes like the classic Capture the Flag and will feature different character classes for players to choose from, giving them the opportunity to go all-in on speed and mobility or bring more firepower and armor to the battlefield.

Tribes 3 Rivals screenshot showing an armored soldier firing a futuristic gun.

The Tribes franchise is back over a decade after the latest entry.

Developer and publisher Prophecy Games, which split off from Tribes: Ascend developer Hi-Rez a while ago, promises that the only in-game monetization will be for cosmetics with paid skins supplementing a range of optional kits unlockable for free.

With several weapon types, character perks, and seven maps to start off, Tribes 3: Rivals will be launching with a ton of content to be explored. Up to 32 players with two teams of 16 users each will be supported in the game. Health can only be restored with pick-ups in the game, so this will be a more old-school experience than your modern Call of Duty or Battlefield outing.

Players of the demo that’s available on Steam are quite positive about its potential, praising the fluidity of the movement system.

Tribes 3: Rivals will cost $19.99 USD on Steam, though a 10% discount to celebrate the Early Access launch will be available.