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Twitch is ending support for its app on Nintendo Switch

The app will be delisted from the eShop, and Switch users will lose access soon

Nintendo Switch owners will soon lose access to the Twitch app on Nintendo's hybrid console, the live streaming service confirmed on Tuesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, Twitch users started posting on Twitter/X and other social media emails from the streaming platform informing about the removal of the Twitch app from the Nintendo eShop and its shutdown.

The Twitch Help article about the Nintendo Switch app has now been updated with a notice that confirms the discontinuation, giving details about the exact dates on which the app will be delisted and when existing users will lose access.

Nintendo Switch console displaying the Twitch app

The Twitch app for Nintendo Switch launched almost two years ago.

Starting on November 6, 2023, Nintendo Switch users won't be able to find and download the app on the Nintendo eShop, while those who already have it installed on their consoles, won't be able to use it after January 31, 2024.

Twitch first launched its Nintendo Switch app in November 2021, but many users have complained about the app's performance and limited features on the handheld console.

Navigation through menus felt sluggish, and some features, like stream chat and search filters, were missing.

The news of its delisting and shutdown was met with mixed reactions. Some users only just realized Twitch had an app on the Switch, while others lamented its imminent removal despite its shortcomings.

Unlike PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the Nintendo Switch has a rather limited selection of non-game apps for streaming services. Streaming apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Max, are notably missing.

After the removal of Twitch, Switch users will still be able to enjoy some video/streaming apps, including YouTube, Hulu, Pokemon TV, and Crunchyroll.