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Murder suspect in the UK had “bizarre fantasy” of being Hitman’s Agent 47, prosecutors claim

A strange case involving the popular stealth game series
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A murder case recently rocked Botley in Oxfordshire, UK, that now involves a popular series of video games, IO Interactive’s Hitman franchise. Prosecutors alleged that the murder suspect, Eugen Coman, had two competing motives for the killing of his housemate, Leonid Laboshin.

“One is what one might call good old fashioned sexual jealousy; the cause of many killings since Helen of Troy and no doubt before that. It’s a story as old as time,” stated prosecutor Charles Ward-Jackson at the opening of the trial on February 28, 2023, reports the Oxford Mail.

Coman allegedly fancied another housemate of theirs, who spurned him, which in turn incited jealousy of Laboshin, who took a trip to London with her on the day before the killing.

The other reason, the jury was told, was a “bizarre fantasy” centered around Agent 47, the main character of the Hitman games. A smooth assassin, Agent 47 is controlled by players during his deadly missions. He’s an imposing figure, always depicted with a cleanly shaved head and being dressed meticulously in a black suit.

Hitman Agent 47.

Hitman's Agent 47 in his habitual attire.

The prosecution claims that Coman’s search history contains several inquiries linked to Agent 47 and that he had his brother shave his head on the day before the alleged crime. During his arrest in October 2022, the suspect was wearing a black suit, white shirt, and tie, which is pretty much how the game’s character dresses. A “rather unusual outfit for killing,” the prosecutor said.

"There is evidence on the defendant's computer that he admired and sought to emulate this rather unsuitable role model," the prosecutor stated further.

Angered by a joke between the two housemates he overheard, Coman seems to have lost his composure and stabbed Laboshin 27 times. He then tried to hide the body and set fire to Laboshin’s immigration papers, which were part of the joke that had angered him, the prosecution says. It is not the first time Coman has gotten violent with strangers.

"The prosecution case is that Mr Coman is a highly dangerous man, who has a tendency to 'fly off the handle' at the slightest excuse. He did so when asked for his rent by his landlord, attacking him with an airgun and a knife handle,” prosecutor Ward-Jackson stated.

Coman denies murder, and the trial is still currently underway.