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Another day, another alleged case of a male gaming personality being unable to behave like a normal person when talking to women. Several female Valorant players have come out to accuse George Geddes, a notable personality in the title’s scene, of behaving in a creepy manner towards them over social media.

Geddes, who has over 100,000 followers on Twitter, describes himself as the “number one Valorant man” on his profile on the site.

Collegiate Valorant player kryztal has compiled a document of 40 pages in length, which contains screenshots of conversations she had with Geddes via Twitter and Snapchat as well as her thoughts on these chats.

She recounts how Geddes unexpectedly began a chat with her and complimented her, warning her that if she ever told “any of my friends that he was complimenting me he’d ‘murder me’” and pushing her to divulge personal information such as her age, relationship status, and place of living. He tried to direct their chats to Snapchat instead of Twitter, where his behavior got a lot more direct, calling her “good girl” and asking her if she wanted to be “degraded”.

“I never once suggested any sort of sexual content with this man and the fact that once we’ve moved to Snapchat he started trying to decode my kinks was very weird to me,” the 18-year-old Valorant player wrote.

Geddes went on to confess his attraction to kryztal, who told him she’s just looking to be friends. He said that he’d accept that, but immediately asked for a “no strings attached” relationship and kept pushing by saying he could “persuade” her after she had already told him no.

Early in their conversation, Geddes mentioned his platform and that he didn’t want people to be “intimidated” by him, according to the document, which could well be seen as his using his follower count and position of power in the scene to add pressure to his overtures. Kryztal felt like he was “abusing his power” and cites his large follower count as a reason for this.

Several other women have come out below kryztal’s post to confirm her experience, one poster saying she knew of at least ten cases of Geddes behaving this way as far back as last year.

Geddes hasn’t reacted to these accusations publicly yet, tweeting about Valorant and memes as if nothing happened.

The most well-meaning interpretation of this evidence is that Geddes is terribly inept at flirting, which is what many of his defenders online are saying. However, it can be argued that he tried to leverage his huge following in the scene to work for him in this case when speaking to a player just starting out in her career, which is problematic behavior in any context, and the number of cases – though not verified at this point – seems to point towards this behavior being a pattern.

In that case, it seems like a warning to other women in the Valorant scene is appropriate, which is what kryztal said she intended with her post.