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Vampire Survivors’ Among Us DLC is now out

Weirdest crossover yet for the hit game
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Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting, a DLC bringing characters and weapons from Among Us to Vampire Survivors, is now out on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS, and Android with the Nintendo Switch version following soon. Vampire Survivors and Among Us is a combination none of us had on their bingo card, but it really shouldn’t surprise as that much – we do live in the age of the gaming crossover, after all, in which events from Fortnite are somehow canon in the Marvel comic books.

For a price of $2.49 USD / £1.99 GBP / €2,49 EUR the worlds of Vampire Survivors and Among Us will clash, sending your brave vampire hunters – who are still waiting to actually encounter a vampire – out into space. How does that work? Don’t question it too much, basically: “How did the cast of Vampire Survivors get there? That's not the question, but we can assure you the gravity is fine, nobody will float off, and the prefab structures are perfectly safe. We can't make any promises to prevent sabotage or suspect goings on during gameplay, however.”

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting screenshot.

This almost looked like a My Little Pony collab at first glance.

Emergency Meeting comes with a brand-new set of nine characters, 15 weapons, 20 power-ups, a stage called Polus Replica, and a new adventure, which are all inspired by everyone’s favorite social deduction game. New music tracks are included as well with six fresh songs to accompany the action.

While the conception of this crossover apparently came very easily due to the devs behind both games knowing each other – “we had a little chat about the concept of doing a collaborative DLC, did a bunch of paperwork, then a bunch of development work,” Poncle stated – fans are going to notice some key differences compared to previous DLC: There won’t be achievements for Emergency Meeting and the price is a little higher as well. Both of these aspects are down to this being a big collaboration, according to the developer.

“When entering licensing territory, all businesses, especially large ones, have different guidelines and conditions to follow in order to make a collaboration happen. This means that in most cases collab DLCs will be more expensive than normal,” the DLC’s FAQ explained the price.

For achievements the same source said: “Collabs are different, there will be different business guidelines we'll have to follow to make and publish them, which means there will always be a risk that some achievements might one day far into the future become impossible to obtain, or sit behind a price tag too steep to some players. If there will ever be a way to separate DLC achievements from base-game achievements, then rest assured we will add separate achievement lists for every DLC, either collab or proprietary, but until then we prefer to play it safe and not risk to compromise anyone's completion rate.”

Collabs, evidently, are complicated affairs.