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Fatshark has announced that Warhammer Vermintide 2’s next DLC, Karak Azgaraz, will be available on June 13, 2023 for PC – completely for free. Console players will have to be a bit more patient, however, as the additional content will drop “in the near future” on those devices.

Karak Azgaraz contains three maps to play on, sending the Ubersreik Five to assist a Dwarf war party that’s threatened of being overrun by Skaven. The levels are inspired by the locations of the same name from the original game.

Vermintide 2 players can also take part in an in-game event from May 25 to June 4, 2023, which celebrates the Warhammer Skulls showcase during which this news was announced. The Skulls for the Skull Throne event features a Skull-themed Keep and lets players pick up skulls with varying game-changing effects on every map. The community kill counter allows players to unlock five red-colored weapon variants and they can obtain a new portrait frame by grabbing 100 daemon skulls during the entire event.

Finally, Fatshark announced that the highly anticipated fourth career for Sienna, a member of the Ubersreik Five, will be released in Fall 2023 – so you’ll need to be a little more patient.