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Season 2 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and Warzone 2 is almost here – you can find all the launch times in our guide. While most players are looking forward to jumping back into the returning Resurgence mode and toying around with all the other new content, Activision is already looking towards the future.

The Call of Duty UK account on Twitter posted and quickly deleted a tweet detailing some plans for Season 2 Reloaded, Season 3, and beyond:

Season 02 is almost live, and there’s more on the way. Here’s a taste of what’s next:

Season 02 Reloaded:

🗻 New Core 6v6 Multiplayer Map

🚨 New RAID episode

🔥 New Multiplayer Modes

Season 3 and beyond:

🔫 Gunfight

💰 Plunder

🪂 Warzone Ranked

It’s unclear why exactly this post was deleted, though perhaps the announcement of some of these items was a bit premature, destroying a few long-laid marketing plans.

In any case, Warzone 2 players can cautiously look forward to the future addition of a Ranked mode as well as the return of Plunder for the battle royale game. Plunder is a popular mode featured in the original Warzone, whereas Ranked has never been part of the spin-off – many players with a more competitive mindset have been asking for it, though.

Since the tweet mentioned “Season 3 and beyond” it’s difficult to put an exact date on when the two game modes will join the fray, of course.

While players will be happy about more options, this announcement continues the trend of content present in previous Call of Duty games simply being recycled and repackaged to be released as "new content" with some marketing fanfare.