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Warzone MW3 update: Season 1 patch notes reveal new one-shot sniper rifle

Massive changes for the Call of Duty battle royale game
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It’s a big day for Warzone, as the Modern Warfare 3 update has been applied to the Call of Duty battle royale mode. Once you’ve won your bout with the huge COD MW3 Season 1 download size, a whole new world awaits you – quite literally, because the brand-new map Urzikstan has been released as part of the update.

Mechanically, too, much has changed due to the MW3 update. The COD MW3 Tactical Stance is now available in Warzone, as are aiming while sliding and slide canceling. Terrain incline will impact the slide distance now, making your surroundings even more important.

Warzone MW3 Season 1 poster.

MW3 has arrived in Warzone.

Warzone players have access to the MW3 weapon arsenal as well now, giving them powerful new toys. Speaking of which, new lethal and tactical equipment is available as well. Most lethal equipment actually got significant buffs to boot, making it a more useful option in combat. The Weapon Tuning feature has been removed from Warzone entirely.

Naturally, no one quite knows how the Warzone MW3 meta will develop, but one thing is certain: A new one-shot sniper rifle has joined the fray thanks to the update – the Katt-AMR.

Check out the highlights of the Warzone MW3 Season 1 update patch notes in detail below.

Warzone MW3 Season 1 update: patch notes highlights


  • Mobile POI: Drivable Train
    • Take control of Warzone’s first controllable mobile POI, Urzikstan’s new drivable train, complete with forward and backward engine controls, a horn, and a handbrake in the caboose (rear carriage) for tactical braking.
    • The new Drivable Train also includes individual carriages that contain a Buy Station, a UAV Tower, an Ammo Depot, and a guaranteed Legendary Supply Crate.
    • The Drivable Train will also start at different points along the train track in each match.
  • New Traversal Mechanic: Ziplines
    • In addition to the vertical ascenders, expect ziplines to allow rapid horizontal navigation across Urzikstan. Look for ziplines across the map, often allowing faster travel across otherwise more challenging topography, like water or tall structures.


New weapons introduced with the MW3 update:

Assault Rifles

  • SVA 545
    • This weapon system fires the first two rounds nearly at the same time, making this an incredibly lethal weapon in careful hands.
  • MTZ-556
    • Boasting an exceptional fire rate for a 5.56 weapon, this close-quarters assault rifle excels at close and mid-range.
  • Holger 556
    • Chambered in 5.56, this AR offers exceptional range and reliability for most engagements.
  • MCW
    • This remarkably adaptable assault rifle features phenomenal recoil control and versatility from a lightweight frame chambered in 5.56.
  • DG-56
    • With excellent recoil control and three-round burst fire, this bullpup AR dominates at mid- to long range.
  • FR 5.56
    • A three round burst bullpup AR. A well-placed burst can be extremely deadly at intermittent ranges.

Battle Rifles

  • BAS-B
    • A highly controllable and powerful Battle Rifle chambered in .277 Fury designed for all-round reliability and performance.
  • Sidewinder
    • A highly adaptable Battle Rifle chambered in .450 that delivers high damage at close to mid-range.
  • MTZ-762
    • A fully automatic Battle Rifle designed to send hard-hitting 7.62 rounds downrange at high velocity.

Submachine Guns

  • Striker
    • A hard-hitting and controllable submachine gun chambered in .45 Auto. Reliable at close to mid-range.
  • WSP Swarm
    • Ultra combat and maneuverable, this 9mm SMG overwhelms targets with a fast fire rate.
  • AMR9
    • A fully automatic SMG chambered in 9mm, the AMR9 is a go-to for Operators who prefer to shred the competition from close to mid-range.
  • WSP-9
    • A fully automatic SMG featuring a slow rate of fire balanced by high damage, control, and mobility.
  • Rival-9
    • The Rival-9 is a lightweight, 9mm submachine gun built for agility and quick room clearing.
  • Striker 9
    • This compact SMG handles like a carbine while taking advantage of the low recoil and versatility of 9mm rounds.


  • Lockwood 680
    • This highly effective and versatile 12-gauge pump shotgun can be modified to excel in most scenarios.
  • Haymaker
    • Highly effective at close range, this mag-fed combat shotgun will clear rooms with rounds to spare.
  • Riveter
    • A full-auto, .410 shotgun built around an assault rifle receiver, the Riveter is a hole-punching machine.

Light Machine Guns

  • Pulemyot 762
    • Chambered in 7.62, this belt-fed heavy machine gun provides excellent suppressive fire, dealing a massive amount of damage at long ranges.
  • DG-58 LSW
    • A lightweight squad weapon for controlling zones and laying down suppressive 5.8x42mm fire.
  • TAQ Eradicator
    • Fully automatic LMG that utilizes a prototype firing method going from a closed to open bolt systems starting out at a blazingly fast rate of fire before quickly slowing down and becoming more accurate.
  • Holger 26
    • A highly modular light machine gun that can be adapted to most combat scenarios. Chambered in versatile 5.56 ammunition.
  • Bruen MK9
    • The Bruen Mk9 is a fully automatic, air-cooled light machine gun chambered in 5.56. Support your team and pin down the enemy with a high fire rate and overwhelming covering fire.

Marksman Rifles

  • KVD Enforcer
    • A Marksman Rifle chambered in 7.62. Lightweight construction results in excellent recoil control for rapid follow-up shots.
  • MCW 6.8
    • Chambered in 6.8, this highly modular Marksman Rifle features exceptional damage and reliability.
  • DM56
    • A titan of ballistic ingenuity, this Marksman Rifle boasts best-in-class rate of fire and exceptional controllability.
  • MTZ Interceptor
    • A high-powered Marksman Rifle chambered in 7.62. Control mid to long distances with this semi-auto weapon.

Sniper Rifles

  • Katt-AMR
    • This devastating .50 cal bolt-action sniper rifle delivers massive damage downrange with every shot.
  • Longbow
    • A lightweight, heavily modified sniper rifle designed for precision shooting and repeat shots thanks to recoil control and magazine capacity.
  • KV Inhibitor
    • This semi-auto sniper rifle chambered in .338 offers undeniable recoil control and stability for the discerning operator.


  • COR-45
    • Semi-automatic ballistic pistol chambered in .45 Auto. Delivers excellent handling and recoil control.
  • Renetti
    • A burst-fire pistol with a staggering fire rate and controllability in the right hands.
  • TYR
    • This deadly revolver chambered in devastating 12.7x55mm hits like a cannon and leaves no survivors.
  • WSP Stinger
    • Keep your enemies close with this highly effective, room-clearing SMG with a blazing fire rate.


  • RGL-80
    • An infantry-carried, revolving grenade launcher that fires 40mm projectiles that explode on impact.


  • Gutter Knife
    • Standard issue combat knife. Great for quick stealth takedowns.
  • Karambit
    • A small, curved talon-style blade. Extremely sharp and discreet for fast and deadly melee attacks.


  • Backup Pistol
    • When you don’t have a handgun equipped in your loadout you’ll unholster a base attachment COR-45 while performing the following actions:
      • Ledge hanging
      • Climbing a ladder
      • Swimming underwater
    • If you do have a handgun or melee weapon equipped, you’ll use that instead.
  • Locational Damage Modifiers
    • Locational damage multipliers have been flattened to provide a more consistent time to kill. Headshot multipliers are broadly decreased and arms now match the torso.
  • Sniper Damage

    • KATT AMR will one shot to the head at any distance.
  • Riot Shield
    • The Riot shield slows movement when it is equipped as the player’s Secondary and is on their back.
  • Weapon Tuning
    • Weapon Tuning has been removed for both MW2 and MW3 weapons.
  • Launcher Damage
    • All launchers have been adjusted in regards to their damage and interaction with vehicles. This includes:
      • Most launchers will destroy lighter vehicles in one shot.
      • The RPG-7, PILA, and STRELA-P will destroy most medium sized vehicles in two shots.
      • The JOKR will destroy almost all vehicles in one shot.
      • The RGL-80 and the STRELA-P will not cause most vehicles to immediately explode.
      • The PILA will not cause most medium and larger vehicles to immediately explode.
      • The RPG-7 and the JOKR will cause most vehicles to explode immediately.
  • Classic Red Dots
    • Firing unsuppressed weapons causes Operators to momentarily appear as a red dot on the minimap.
  • Reload Cancel / Segmented Reloads
    • You can now reload cancel if there are bullets in the magazine. When performing an empty reload it will utilize reload checkpoints to give the best of both worlds.
  • Rarity
    • Weapons, equipment, killstreaks, and more will now appear with a color-coded tooltip to indicate the value and rarity of the item, as well as if a weapon is from a “Custom Loadout”.
    • Rarity breakdown:
      • Legendary = Orange
      • Epic = Purple
      • Rare = Blue
      • Uncommon = Green
      • Common = White


New Perks introduced in the MW3 update:

  • Shrouded
    • Automatically drops a Smoke Grenade when entering the downed state.
  • Flex
    • Delay triggered explosives while sprinting, warns of nearby enemy equipment, and reduces combat noise.
    • Due to a known issue, this Perk currently appears as “Faculty” in the menu.
  • Resolute
    • When taking damage from gunfire, it grants a short bonus to movement speed.
    • When shooting at an enemy with Resolute equipped, players will see a small icon to indicate that the player has Resolute.
  • Stalker
    • Increased strafe and aim down sight movement speed.
  • Payout
    • Contracts pay out more in cash and the cost of UAV Towers is discounted.
  • Escapist
    • Increased downed, prone, and crouch speed.
  • Primed
    • Accuracy and time to aim down sight is improved while jumping.
  • Irradiated
    • While under the effects of the gas circle you move faster and take reduced gas damage.
  • Shrapnel
    • Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration, slows enemy movement, and briefly disables tactical sprint.
  • Mountaineer
    • Reduces fall damage.
  • Mechanic
    • Reduced vehicle repair time, increased fueling speed, and reduced fuel consumption while driving non-aircraft vehicles.

Overkill has been removed. Players now have the option to equip two Primary Weapons at all times without requiring a Perk.

The following Perks have been adjusted:

  • Ghost
    • Blocks detection by UAV, enemy radar sources, and Heartbeat Sensors - now updated to require movement to activate.
    • Can be acquired via loot as a Stealth Plate Carrier.
  • Birdseye
    • Your UAV Killstreak, Portable Radar, or UAV Tower shows the heading of the enemy for your squad.
    • In addition, enemy unsuppressed gunshots will show headings.
    • Detects Ghosted Players.Can be acquired via loot as a Comms Plate Carrier.
  • Survivor
    • Faster revive speed, reduced health regeneration delay, reduced cash lost on death, and enemies that down you are automatically pinged.
    • Decreases Health Regeneration time to 4 seconds, down from 7.
    • Can be acquired via loot as a Medic Plate Carrier.
  • Cold Blooded
    • This will negate the mark from Combat Scout.
  • Battle Hardened
    • Now reduces the effects of Frangible bullets and abilities.
  • Double Time
    • Increases Tac Sprint duration and reduces refresh time.
    • No longer increases prone and crouch speeds.
  • Scavenger
    • Once again provides an additional armor plate and cash in the scavenger bag.


  • Tactical Stance
    • A weapon stance that can be Toggled into, grants faster mobility at the cost of accuracy.
  • ADS While Sliding
    • Players can now aim down sights and shoot while sliding as a default behavior.
    • As an improvement, players can optionally toggle tac stance while sliding.
  • Jump Changes
    • Jump higher, faster and jump ADS quicker. Reduced the slow-down when landing from the first jump and reduced the sprint-out delay after jumping.
  • Slide Cancel
    • Players can cancel a slide by jumping, sprinting or crouching again. Does not reset tactical sprint and briefly pauses stamina regeneration.
  • Slide Distance
    • The distance that Players travel while sliding is now impacted by the incline of the surface.


New equipment implemented with the MW3 update:

  • Breacher Drone (Lethal)
    • Explosive drone that explodes on proximity to an enemy or on impact.
  • Thermobaric Grenade (Lethal)
    • Cookable grenade. Creates a large explosion that stuns, leaves a fiery residue, and increases lethality of explosives for a period of time.
  • EMD Grenade (Tactical)
    • Applies a tracking device to enemies hit, revealing them on your team’s minimap.
  • Scatter Mine (Tactical)
    • Throw a field of mines across a wide area that detonates when enemies come within range.

The following equipment has been adjusted:

  • Drill Charge
    • Through Wall max damage increased to 160, up from 140.
    • Stick Max Damage increased to 200, up from 140.
  • Claymore
    • Max damage increased to 170, up from 100.
    • There is a known issue where Claymores will deal less damage than intended.
  • Frag Grenade
    • Close damage increased to 251, up from 140.
    • Mid range damage increased to 150, up from 105.
  • Semtex Grenade
    • Close damage increased to 200, up from 140.
    • Far damage increased to 105, up from 69.
  • Thermite
    • Tick damage increased to 37, up from 15.
  • Smoke Grenade
    • Duration reduced to 7.14 seconds, down from 9.25.
  • Stim
    • Stim now grants a slight boost of movement speed on activation (7%).
  • Experimental Gas (Tear Gas)
    • This will now deal continuous damage to anyone standing in the gas cloud.
      • Deals 5 damage per second, 3 damage to those with resistance to gas damage.
    • If the player is wearing a gas mask it will instead do damage to the equipped mask, masks in their backpack, or any masks on the ground..
    • Since the damage caused by this tactical is gas, it can be countered with an equipped Gas Mask.
  • Shock Stick
    • Damage increased to 8 per tick, up from 6 .
    • Radius increased to 4.1 meters, up from 3.1 meters.
  • Snapshot Grenade
    • Highlight Duration increased to 1.65s up from 1.25s.
  • Battle Rage
    • Now also mitigates 10% of damage taken while under the effects.
    • The regen portion of the buff can be canceled early by taking damage. The damage reduction effects will remain for the duration.
  • Flash Grenade
    • Now only flashes targets looking at the device at the time of it exploding.

Field Upgrades

A new field upgrade has been added with the MW3 update:

  • Heartbeat Sensor
    • Now categorized as a Field Upgrade
    • Pulse every 2.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds. (Faster!)
    • Range increased to 55 meters up from 49.

The following field upgrades have been amended:

  • Portable Radar
    • Radar Pulse increased to 76.3 meters radius, up from 38.1 meters.
  • Armor & Ammunition Boxes
    • The delay on equipment boxes has been removed – they will now be interactable as soon as they are deployed.


New Killstreaks available with the MW3 update:

  • Guardian
    • A stationary turret that projects sound to disrupt and stun players in a line. Lasts for 50 seconds.
  • Mosquito Drone
    • An automated drone that hovers in an area before descending on a target dealing damage.
    • Will show up on the map with an icon and can be shot down.

For a complete version of the patch notes, you can check out the official blog.