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It’s a good time to be a fan of The Witcher franchise. More seasons are coming to Netflix, The Witcher 3 is due to get its “next-gen” upgrade very soon, a remake of The Witcher 1 is in development, and now, developers have revealed that the decision to not show Geralt’s penis in The Witcher 3 was a hotly debated topic.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released in 2015 to massive critical acclaim, and it propelled developer CD Projekt RED to superstar status – something that was somewhat tarnished after the rough launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

One of the game’s most infamous scenes, an early segment where Geralt is bathing, has been hotly debated online, and it turns out the debate was raging internally well before The Witcher 3 launched, and the subject at hand was Geralt’s penis.

In the released game we get some fairly revealing images of Geralt bathing, though nothing to make you feel too uncomfortable (or engaged). It might not have always been this way though, as narrative and quest designer at CD Projekt RED, Phillipp Weber, reveals on his Twitter account.

“Still remember the 100+ post thread in the "offtopic" area of our company mail during W3 where people discussed if we'd show Geralt's penis in the bath tub. I was in favor!”

This comes as a reply to a screencap of a Reddit AMA featuring Studio Trigger’s Hiroyuki Imaishi. Responding to a fan, Imaishi states: “Speaking of things that we wanted to do, but didn’t… we couldn’t draw David’s dick in the show.”

It seems censored penises are becoming somewhat of a theme with CD Projekt RED franchises and releases. We’ll make sure to keep you updated if we here of any other covered genitalia in future CDPR games and series.