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Mass Effect writer Mac Walters leads new studio Worlds Untold under NetEase Games

With a focus on narrative action adventure games
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Chinese video games company NetEase Games has announced the launch of Worlds Untold, a new development studio led by Mac Walters, the former lead writer of the Mass Effect series. It’s based in Vancouver, Canada, but will work fully remotely.

Worlds Untold will focus on developing triple-A narrative action adventure games. Its debut title still doesn’t have a name, but is already underway and will be “a near future, action adventure game in a breathtaking world filled with mystery and exploration.”

Worlds Untold logo on black background.

Worlds Untold's key personnel mainly consists of former BioWare members.

“The studio is creating interactive narratives that blur the line between games and film in order to create a sense of immersion and engagement with their worlds and characters unlike any other,” an official description reads.

“We’re creating incredibly meaningful stories that we believe are best told and experienced through play. We are starting by crafting worlds that we all dream of discovering and then we’ll put the player in the leading role of the most unforgettable adventures,” commented Walters. “The team at NetEase Games shares our vision and passion to utilize leading edge technology to create the best possible new games. Their teams’ support and creative freedom affords us the opportunity to deliver on that vision.”

Other key names already working with the new studio are audio director Sotaro Tojima, who has worked on series like Metal Gear Solid and Halo, head of production Elizabeth Lehtonen, who is a veteran of the Dragon Age, The Sims, and Angry Birds franchises, and the head of art Ramil Sunga, who has created concept art for Mass Effect, Anthem, and Dragon Age. Ben Goldstein is the studio’s head of technology and returns to the gaming industry after some external projects.

“NetEase Games believes in empowering creators to think outside the box and to help execute their vision as seamlessly as possible. Worlds Untold is building a team of highly experienced individuals to develop new worlds and action adventure games for all and we are excited to see what Mac and the team produce,” said Simon Zhu, president of global investments and partnerships at NetEase Games.

After weeks of layoffs in the games industry, it’s good to have some positive news once in a while – BioWare fans will surely keep a keen eye on what this team consisting of former members will be up to.