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Wuthering Waves opening cinematics revealed ahead of second beta test

Kuro Game’s open-world RPG is entering an important phase
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Kuro Game has published the opening cinematic for its upcoming open-world RPG Wuthering Waves ahead of the game’s second closed beta test, which is set to start on February 19, 2024. Two versions of the sequence have been combined in the released video, showing the scene with the male as well as the female protagonist.

Wuthering Waves is in development for PC, Android, and iOS – and if those platforms as well as the entire setup of the opening cinematic seem vaguely familiar to you, you’d be on the right path: Kuro hopes to contend with HoYoverse’s powerhouse Genshin Impact, offering fans of the genre and anime aesthetics an alternative title to play.

With the second closed beta test, the developers hope to fine-tune the experience and get the game set and ready for launch – though there is no set date for this yet, so Kuro remains in a flexible position in case the test’s feedback results in a lot more work having to be done.

It’s been around ten months since the first closed beta test of Wuthering Waves and the studio has summarized the work it’s been doing in the meantime in a separate post a few days earlier. “During this period, we performed a thorough overhaul of the in-game stories, removed settings that were deemed unsatisfactory, and made adjustments to character designs accordingly. With the above changes, necessary modifications also needed to be made to the overall story flow, animations, voice-overs, and other resources,” they wrote.

They stated that the combat system had been received well by the community in the first test, so it served as the foundation for further improvements. With three additional characters, three new bosses, and an additional phase for an existing boss, they also added fresh combat content.

“While reducing the complexity for players to gain the know-how of the in-game combat system, we also added high-difficulty elites and the ‘Tactical Hologram: Calamity’ game modes placed around various areas of the map, which greatly reward players that are seeking for challenges,” they added.

Kuro further polished the game’s visuals, aiming for a “more comfortable appearance.” Based on feedback from the previous test, “the team implemented a more detailed atmosphere tier system to address the player feedback of visual fatigue experienced” while playing.

For the second closed beta test, balance adjustments were made for several systems, while a few in-game events can be tried out as well. The developers also listed a few areas that testers may still find a bit rough, as they remain under heavy development, so we can safely assume that this is not going to be one of those marketing beta tests you see from the likes of Call of Duty.