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GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 5 with Lucy James is now live

Smashing PS4s with Lucy James
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This week’s episode of GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast – we’re officially up to a handful now – is one everyone can relate to. We all have this one embarrassing moment everyone in our group of friends, family, or at work remembers, right? Sometimes we drink too much and do something silly or we never heard about this super popular thing everyone’s talking about. And they won’t let us forget about it, ever. It could be worse, though. You could have attended Sony’s official launch event for the PS4 and then dropped one to the ground with everyone looking at you.

We’ll keep the identity of this particular culprit under wraps, of course. Totally unrelated to this is Episode 5’s guest, the renowned Lucy James. She joined a GLHF roster headed up by the host of your greatest dreams and nightmares, Dave, and the judge of all things under the sun, Kirk. Completing the line-up were George, Matt, and your’s truly.

As usual, Dave and Kirk threw us into a merciless video game trivia competition for the greatest prize of all: the bread-winning currency of exposure.

GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 5 – Smashing PS4s with Lucy James is now available on the following platforms:

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