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GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 6 with Manon Gage is now live

Kissing Snakes with Manon Gage
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The BAFTA-nominated actress, writer, and producer Manon Gage is joining us for Episode 6 of GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast. Perhaps best known for her work on the interactive film and game Immortality from 2022, for which she gained several award nominations and victories as the lead performer, she’s recently been branching out into off-camera roles as well. She’s the executive producer and writer of her upcoming series Real Live Girl, which is a thriller about an OnlyFans cam girl accidentally meeting the wife of her most twisted regular viewer.

Manon Gage on the GLHF Game & Fortune Podcast cover.

Why did it have to be snakes?

She’s joining the crew for another exciting and fun round of video game trivia quizzes with GLHF being represented by George, Paolo, and Ryan. As usual, Dave played the gracious host of this friendly competition, while Kirk is once more present as the menacing judge – the tyrannical and iron-fisted voice of order every show needs to stay on course.

Victory, as is tradition, awards the most noble and valuable prize of all – exposure. You can buy, like, air to breathe with it… yeah. It’s as real a reward as Ryan’s status as the Game & Fortune champion, that’s for certain.

GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 6 – Kissing Snakes with Manon Gage is now available on the following platforms: