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GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 7 with Simon Miller is now live

Woodchipper Wars with Simon Miller
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Game & Fortune is back from the holidays and we hope you’ve all had a relaxing time as well as a good start into 2024. We are beginning the new year with Episode 7 of the podcast featuring none other than Simon Miller, who describes himself as “YouTuber, Host, Wrestler, Actor, Idiot” – making him the perfect company for the crew. I’ll leave you to decide which of these occupations correspond to which GLHF member.

Simon Miller on the cover of GLHF's Game & Fortune podcast.

We're pleased to have Simon Miller join us for Episode 7 of Game & Fortune.

Speaking of which: Episode 7 features the usual crew consisting of our announcer, Dave, our ruthless judge, Kirk, and the mighty trivia triad of George, Ryan, and Ollie. Luckily for Simon, it’s everyone for themselves in Game & Fortune and that bond between colleagues may as well not be there in the face of the grandest prize of them all – exposure.

Yes, the year now being 2024 has changed nothing about what we’re up in Game & Fortune: It’s still a cutthroat competition centered around the most obscure video game trivia we could find with bragging rights being the only thing you can actually win. Marvelous!

GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 7 – Woodchipper Wars with Simon Miller is now available on the following platforms: