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A level editor is the one thing Fall Guys has always needed. The developer-made levels are great fun, but games like Minecraft, GTA Online, and Fortnite have shown us that nothing can top the twisted minds behind community creations. Give a dedicated community a level editor and they will make devious designs that will keep you entertained for a long time, and Fall Guys should be no different.

It has all the base tools you’d expect. You can create any terrain you want, and send players off in all sorts of directions, along with things like slime-covered hills to slide down, or obstacle-filled half-pipes to navigate through. You’d got a decent selection of obstacles, with rotating platforms, spinning hammers, or giant comedy boxing gloves to shove players around.

Fall Guys Creative 3

I had a lot of fun messing around and putting stuff together in a level to see what works. The editor is both mouse and controller friendly, making setting out a complex course quick and easy once you know what you’re doing. Playtesting them is easy too, as you can drop in and out wherever you like – though you do need to complete your level from start to finish before you can publish it.

The only real problem with the level editor at the moment is that it’s a bit too limited. Things are going to change, and Mediatonic has promised that it will continue adding features to it, but right now, you don’t have all the options you might hope for.

Most disappointingly, you can currently only create “Race” levels in the editor. This makes sense, as Race levels are the bread and butter of Fall Guys, but the inability to create things like Survival, Team, or Finale rounds means you can’t put together an entire custom show just yet. Part of what makes Fall Guys fun is the variety, so it’s a shame we’ll be missing that while the team works on adding the rest of the modes.

Fall Guys Creative 2

What’s available in the editor is somewhat limited too. For starters, there are only two themes to choose from right now, so levels will all look and feel quite similar. Then consider all of the unique obstacles that are missing from the editor, such as the pinball flippers, vacuum tubes, or giant snowballs. There are still enough available for a variety of ideas to shine through, but so much of Fall Guys’ best stuff is absent.

The tools will expand over the coming seasons, but we don’t have a timeframe for how long that could take, and it makes this editor feel incomplete to a certain extent. What’s there is a solid foundation, and I have no doubt that the Fall Guys community will run with it, but in its current form, Fall Guys Creative leaves me unsatisfied with what’s on offer.