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It’s no secret that Ash Ketchum has made more than his fair share of dumb decisions over his 25-year run on the Pokémon anime. However, with his final chapter in sight now it’s been announced that Ash and Pikachu are leaving the Pokémon anime, we thought it’d be nice to put the mockery of this eternal 10-year-old to one side and instead look at some of his best moments.

Say what you will about Ash using Thunderbolt against Ground-types at least once a year, but there are plenty of times when Ash has shone through as a true hero, bringing out the best in himself, his Pokémon, and his friends. Be it through a triumphant victory, an act of true bravery, or a show of maturity beyond his years, Ash can (sometimes) be an inspiration to us all.

Pokemon anime Ash stands in the way of Spearow
Pokemon anime Butterfree and Ash saying goodbye
Pokemon anime Pikachu and Riachu crashing into each other
Pokemon anime Pikachu crying
Pokemon anime Gary and Blastoise facing Ash and Heracross
Pokemon anime Ash and May
Pokemon anime Ash and Paul facing a Drapion
Pokemon anime Ash, Pikachu, Bonnie, and Clement looking embarrased at Serena
Pokemon anime Ash holding the Alola League trophy aloft
Pokemon anime Ash and his team holding the world championship trophy