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As with any annual sports franchise, WWE 2K23 is inevitable. It’s been reported by PWInsider and Fightful that last weekend saw several wrestlers take to the streets of Los Angeles to film a trailer for the upcoming game. This means that an official reveal is drawing near so speculation is running wild for all sorts of things.

Which wrestlers will make the game’s roster? Which will be held back for DLC? What new features are on their way? Before we get to any of those questions though, we need to talk about the game’s cover star. This is the superstar(s) around which the entire marketing of the game centers around. Since 2K took the reigns of the series 2013 we’ve seen a mix of contemporary stars and WWE legends grace the cover, so who knows what’s in store for 2K23.

We’ve put together a few predictions of men and women who are worthy of such a huge spot, and we think are in with a chance at getting the job. Any wrestler who has already been on a cover under 2K’s banner is disqualified though, as they don’t seem to be keen on repeats.

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WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes holding a sledgehammer in the ring
WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey holding the Smackdown Women's Championship
WWE wrestler The Undertaker making his entrance at WrestleMania 33
WWE wrestler Rhea Ripley at ringside
WWE wrestler Big E in the ring
WWE wrestler Beth Phoenix with two wrestlers on her shoulders
WWE wrestler Edge in the ring
WWE wrestler Charlotte Flair wearin a robe in the ring
WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre holding the WWE Championship
WWE wrestler Bianca Belair holding the Raw Women's Championship