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Best sports games of all time, ranked

The best sports games are hard to find in an industry with yearly releases, but we’ve got you covered

The best sports games in anyone's memories are probably the ones they grew up with, no matter if they were set on a pitch, on the ice, or on a court, which makes an objective ranking of them quite hard.

It's naturally very difficult to stand out in a genre where developers release yearly iterations of games simulating what is mostly the same, unchanging sport. And yet, some titles over the years have been able catch fans' hearts like no other games in their own series could, be it because they had a certain charm or their gameplay was somehow smoother.

We're taking you right into the Hall of Fame of sport simulations. Well, mostly. There is one very necessary exception, which we hope you'll agree with.

Best sports games of all time

NHL 2022 shooting at the goal
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 teeing off
Track and Field long jump start
Madden NFL 2006 splash screen
Wii Sports baseball batter
MLB 11 outfielder chasing the ball
FIFA 12 splash screen
Pro Evo Soccar 6 one player marking another
NBA 2K17 match gameplay

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